We all do it, twisting, pulling, pushing, lifting, putting strain on our bodies, especially our backs! But do we do it correctly? And do we actually do as much as we can to prevent injury?

Musculoskeletal disorders occur when we push our bodies to the limit through manual handling to the point our bodies could become permanently injured, it affects the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nervous system etc. Bad manual handling is a slippery slope and you should take action before damage is made.

Back injury can be quite serious not only can it cause extreme pain it can also cause sleep disturbances, limit your ability to move and do activities, cause fatigue and reduce your mobility which could then lead to you not being able to do your job which then could lead to financial and lifestyle issues.

We advise that when you undertake activities that can put strain on your body, like lifting, pushing, pulling and twisting, to use proper manual handling techniques to reduce the risk of injury. The best way to do this is to undertake a manual handling course either for yourself or employees. Courses can be great and very informative about how to protect yourself.

Craven Safety Services Ltd offer manual handling courses online and classroom based, they are a great base to making yourself or employees aware of risk factors, potential injuries and how these can be avoided by adopting correct lifting methods and movements. If you would like to enquire about the training then please visit our ‘Training’ page on the website.

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