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Craven Safety Services has moved

Craven Safety Services has moved to Tom Hill House, Gargrave Road, Broughton, Skipton, BD23 3AQ.  Could everyone please update our contact details; phone numbers etc have stayed the same. 

Domed Labels

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The Importance of Health Surveillance

Liz Preston and Kerry Greenwood recently attended The Health & Safety Event in Birmingham where it was brought to our attention that health surveillance is not taken up within companies as an important issue. Every year it costs billions of pounds to cover workers that are off work due to physical illness, mental illness or injury. We feel that by keeping on top of your health surveillance it can easily avoid all of the issues associated with bad health. 

If your employees are affected by noise, vibration, dust, fumes or any other substances that are hazardous to health then it may be an idea to keep track of your employees health by using health surveillance questionnaires or by simple changes within the work place. Keep up to date with any issues staff may have to raise with you. To read more about health surveillance visit or call us to discuss any issues raised.