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21 Bridge Street Oakworth
Keighley BD22 7PX



Clockwork Eye Video Productions: Company Information

We are a Video Production company specialising in video marketing, YouTube strategies, concept design and distribution.

We make businesses visible using creative strategies based on thorough research on what your potential clients are looking for in your products.

We also work closely with our clients to ensure that their video content is effective and working for them providing feedback and support.

By engaging Clockwork Eye you will get a team that is as interested in your video content both before it is created and after. We don't just film and leave you to it.

Our services ranging from corporate marketing videos, product demonstrations, event coverage, training videos through to creating music videos at competitive prices. We believe that the use of video to help promote you and your business should be there for everyone not just big corporations.

We also provide assistance for YouTube and training that enables you to create content while leaving the technical stuff to us.

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SBN Testimonial

Networking is important to any business and SBN works for us as there is a good commitment from the group over all.

Everyone wants to be there and everyone wants to help each other and that is what networking is about