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07810 870962

3 Wensleydale Way



Streamline VA Services: Company Information

Virtual Personal Assistant and Business Coordinator with a special interest in Private Therapists and Health Consultants

I help people by offering resourceful, reliable and trustworthy support. This means they can concentrate on their core business needs; increasing sales and business growth.So they can have a fulfilled life, both in and outside of their business.

I am passionate about the provision of professional administrative support. With my specific interest in mind, I want to give clinicians back their misdirected time. Time which can be dedicated to their client/service user needs.

SBN Testimonial

Networking with SBN is a really valuable use of my time and a powerful strategy for all members in terms of getting known on another in the right circle; ultimately SBN helps me to grow my business. Connecting with people as SBN, on a face to face basis, builds knowledge and trust, and provides a really good support structure